About 180 Gitga’at live in Hartley Bay year round, and another 450 live off-reserve, mostly in Prince Rupert, Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. The community has a high percentage of young people, and the population in Hartley Bay is expected to grow significantly in the future.

Historically, the community depended upon the commercial fishing industry; however, many Gitga’at people are now employed in other economic sectors, including village administration, public works and safety, social and health services, housing, treaty negotiations, education services, salmon enhancement, forestry, tourism and ecological research.

There are about 60 homes and several community buildings in Hartley Bay. There are no roads in the village – homes and other buildings are linked by a network of boardwalks and surrounding by walking and hiking trails leading to nearby rivers, lakes, hilltops and estuaries.

Physical infrastructure in the community includes (would be good to have pictures of all of these):

  • The Hartley Bay Memorial Centre (gymnasium, kitchen and stage).
    Three commemorative poles stand in front of the Memorial Centre.
  • The Waaps Wahmoodmx Cultural Centre. Built in 2003, this building is a unique feast hall and Elders Centre. (Possibly use what K. Campbell has done at - see what Vinicio thinks.)
  • The Hartley Bay Elementary-Secondary School, which provides kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum as well as adult education programs.
  • The Emmanuel United Church, which provides weekly services and supports a local choir.
  • The Nursing Station. 2 full-time nurses staff the station which is operated by Health Canada's First Nations and Inuit Health Branch.
  • The Gitga’at Band Office, which houses the Band administration, Housing Coordination, Village Maintenance, Gitga'at Treaty Office and Gitga'at Development Corporation.
  • The Salmon Enhancement Hatchery. This facility has been operating since 1979 and is managed by a full-time fisheries technician.
  • Hartley Bay Fuels and Marina, which sells marine gas and diesel and contains moorage for about 40 boats

Community services include:

  • A diesel generator electricity system.
  • Daily garbage collection.
  • A water system and treatment plant.
  • Volunteer fire services.

Several recreation facilities are available for public use including the Hartley Bay Memorial gym, playground, sports court, hiking trail, and Rachel Lee Park which has a baseball diamond.

Postal services are provided by Canada Post. Mail arrives by plane five days per week. The postal outlet is located in the Band Council Office.


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