Gitga’at society has a dual governance system that is sophisticated and complex - a blend of traditional laws, customs and structures and modern laws, policies and structures woven together. 

Affairs related to cultural practices and Gitga’at rights and title and territorial lands and waters fall within the domain of the traditional governance. The Gitga’at are committed to governance of their Territory through the traditional system of “Ayawwx” which is the ‘Law of the People’ and the ‘Way We Govern Ourselves’. Decisions affecting Gitga’at lands and resources are made by Hereditary Chiefs and elders following traditional community consultation processes.

Affairs related to the community of Hartley Bay, Band administration and delivery of social programs and services are governed by a Village Council, which is elected by Nation members. Village administration and maintenance is handled by community administrative and technical staff.

Village Council elections are held every two years in early December. Current Council members include:

Chief Councillor: Jack Clifton
Councillor: Cameron Hill
Councillor: Fred Ridley
Councillor: Marven Robinson
Councillor: Wallace Bolton


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