The Gitga’at are working to achieve an ecosystem-based approach to land and resource management that recognizes the interdependence of the community’s cultural, spiritual and economic wellbeing and the health of the lands, waters and resources in Gitga’at Territory.

The Gitga’at support the Coast Information Team’s definition of ecosystem-based management as “an integrated set of principles, goals, objectives and procedures that together seek to ensure the coexistence of healthy, fully functioning ecosystems and human communities”.

The Gitga’at also recognize that ecosystem-based management needs to be adaptive, meaning land and resource management objectives and practices will evolve in response to changing community needs and new information.

The Gitga’at approach to ecosystem-based management is also precautionary. Uncertain resource management decisions will err on the side sustaining cultural and ecological values.

Further background on ecosystem-based management can be found in the EBM Planning Handbook and the Scientific Basis of Ecosystem-Based Management

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